Jeanne invested 25 years in a Family Practice Clinic culminating in a position as clinic manager. A friend with roots in real estate (pun intended) periodically enlisted Jeanne’s help with preparing homes for the market. The opportunity to expand on that growing need allowed Jeanne to quit her real job in 1999 and create a business focused on home refinement. An inherent talent for painting has been developed in the years since.

Jim invested 13 years with a successful local printing company, finishing that period as a plant supervisor. He also spent 16 years in the transportation industry as an operations manager. The opportunity to work independently lured Jim from the corporate life to form a unique, conscientious painting team with Jeanne.

We have lived at the same address in Maplewood for over 20 years. Jeanne is active with her baby, a Yellow Lab’ named Bean, walking local paths together daily. She also enjoys her many mornings at the gym, bicycling, volunteering as a Citizen on Patrol with the Maplewood Police Department and visiting nursing homes with Bean, the "Pet Therapist". Jim is a competitive cyclist, avid reader, and occasional climber.

We both enjoy the many new friends we have made while working to create a new atmosphere in their homes.